When is Mahashivratri 2017?

This year,
Mahashivratri falls on 24th Feb, 2017. The 14th day of every lunar month, the day before the Amavasya or new moon, is referred to as Shivarathri. On this night, people on the spiritual path usually perform sadhanas (spiritual practice) of special significance. Of the twelve Shivarathris that occur in a calendar year, the one that occurs in the lunar month of Magha, is called Mahashivratri because it is the most powerful of the twelve Shivarathris.

On this day, there is a huge assistance from nature itself. The planetary positions are such that it is most conducive for a person to seek his spiritual nature and raise his energy to its peak. Because of this natural upsurge of energy, there are many benefits if a person is awake with his spine in a vertical posture throughout the night. Sages, seers and many others in the history of this land have made use of this upsurge and attained to their ultimate. Even at Isha, this day is particularly significant to us for this reason.