Celebrate Shiva

Let’s Make it Happen

We are Back !

Time to Celebrate !

How would you celebrate Shiva? Film yourself and show us how!
The best part? Since we’re celebrating the ultimate outlaw, there are no rules. Just use the general guidelines below to submit your video and if it is in the spirit of #ShivaShiva we’ll add it to the final, official video!

We’ll be releasing the final video in time to make a Roar for Shiva, this Mahashivarathri (Mar 7th). So keep an eye out and follow our posts on Youtube, Facebook and Our Blog!

General Guidelines

• Open to Anyone and Everyone

• Be natural & have fun, but be safe (no driving selfies!)

Recommended Video Settings

• Uncompressed 1080p or 720p (25 or 30fps)

• Unedited 20-30 Seconds (3 cycles of the chant)

• The better the quality, the better your chance it will get used.
(Use natural light, avoid shaking)

• Getting in front of major landmarks will be extra super!

Send us your video

• By Feb 23rd 12pm IST

• Send files thru WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, copy.com, etc

• Email the link to us at shivashiva@ishafoundation.org

* Whatsapp +91- 83000-11 111