Pandit Rajshekar Mansur

Pt. Rajashekhar Mansur
(born in 1942) is a Hindustani Classical vocalist of the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana. He is the son and disciple of the legendary Hindustani vocalist Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur.

He taught literature and linguistics for nearly 35 years and retired as a Professor and Chairman of the English Department, Karnatak University, Dharwad. In all these years , he continued to pursue music, giving vocal support to his illustrious father and also performing independently at various prestigious music festivals and on the radio.

Panditji has not only been a custodian of the rich treasure bequeathed by his father but has also richly contributed to the gharana by his inimitable style. His music is multidimensional where laya, sur and rasa are soulfully intervoven. He has taken upon himself the onerous task of giving currency to aprachalit ragas like Meghavali, Lachcha – Sakh, Godhan Gouri, Bilawal Prakars, Nat Prakars, Malhars and many more. He handles the Jod and Sankirna ragas with great ease, treating them as ragas with distinct identities/pehechans.

He is now Top Grade Vocalist in the AIR. He has performed extensively in many prestigious music festivals throughout the country. The Karnatak Government has recognised his contributions to music by awarding him the Rajyotsava Award(1997).He was nominated as the chairman of Karnatak Sangeet Nrutya Akademi( 2005 – 2008).He is also the recipient of Karnatak Kalashri Gaurav Award (2009).His music has been preserved in the archives of Indira Gandhi Manav Sangrahalaya in Bhopal. Thus his journey continues in his father’s Footsteps and Beyond.

An outstanding performance by Pt. Rajshekar Mansur resonated long in all present this evening. The recital commenced with a beautiful exposition of an evening raag, capturing the mood of the audience.